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Find the support you need at every stage of your journey.

Footsteps offers a wide range of support services to people at all stages of their transition out of the ultra-Orthodox community. Footsteps has a menu of options that participants can choose from, depending on what they’re interested in. Learn more about Footsteps’ programming below:

Clinical Support

The transition from ultra-Orthodox life to secular society can be daunting. Our one-on-one counseling services offer personalized support, while our peer support programs give members the chance to learn about the larger world and make supportive connections.


Footsteps members can meet with our staff to discuss educational scholarships, connect with volunteers, education coaches and peer study buddies, and obtain resources to navigate educational settings.

Career Services

Footsteps helps members secure gainful employment by providing personalized career coaching, referring them as viable candidates for available work opportunities, connecting them to career mentors, and providing them with financial support if they are participating in unpaid internships or vocational training.

Family Justice Initiative

Navigating the legal system while transitioning out of the ultra-Orthodox community can be overwhelming. We help families through processes of divorce, custody, and more, including: access to legal representation, individual counseling for emotional impacts of divorce and custody proceedings, and peer support groups.

Community Engagement

Footsteps offers many different opportunities to connect with fellow travelers, including: holiday and milestone celebrations, social events, cultural experiences, as well as funding to host your own.

Communications + Field Building

Footsteps provides opportunities for members to participate in our online communications, storytelling workshops, educational webinars, and events and conferences related to the experience of leaving insular religious communities. We also train clinical and organizational partners in cultural competency.

Footsteps is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful community for all
members. Part of that commitment includes striving to prevent and address conduct that
violates our Member Safety Guidelines.


Our programming includes regular events like peer support and drop-in groups as well as big annual celebrations like Thanksdinner, Celebrating You, and seasonal favorites like apple picking, food tours, and so much more.

Contact Us

Whether you’re becoming a member, searching for more information, or have specific questions, there are several ways to get in touch.


If you have questions, this is the place to look first. Check out what people ask us most often to find your answer.


We’re active on social media posting fun and informational content about our programming, participants stories, and resources.