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Footsteps is the only organization in North America providing comprehensive services and programs to people who have chosen to leave their ultra-Orthodox communities and build self-determined lives. Based in New York with remote offerings nationally, Footsteps provides a range of services, including social and emotional support, educational and career guidance, workshops and social activities.

צו ליינען די אינפארמאציע אין אידיש דרוקט דא


There’s no one way to be involved at Footsteps. People at Footsteps use our programming in different ways. Some people use financial resources such as educational scholarships and microgrants, while others join for social and cultural events. At Footsteps, each participant makes their own choices. 


Footsteps offers a wide range of staff- and peer-led programming to people at all stages of their transition away from the ultra-Orthodox community.

Change the course of someone’s life through an educational scholarship. Support a parent through their custody battle. Build community for someone who feels isolated. Connect a member to career resources as they build a new future.

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