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Meet The Team

Chani Getter, LCSW


Chani (they/them) joined Footsteps in May of 2013 as the Program Manager for Rockland. Chani was instrumental in launching Footsteps’ Family Justice Program in 2014 and directed that program until 2020. Later as Senior Director of Organizational Development, Chani led Footsteps’ effort to create a culture of appreciation and well-being for staff and all who they serve. Chani provides training and mentoring to deepen cultural competency and improve quality of service for our organizational partners, as well as others who work with those in existing insular communities. At the age of 23 Chani left an arranged marriage, and as a single parent began a journey of self-discovery. This journey informs Chani’s commitment to personal choice and autonomy. Chani brings the balance of personal experience combined with professional training to create a unique blend as a leader in the field of those who leave insular communities.