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Meet The Team

Shanie Kalikow

Economic Empowerment Program Associate

Shanie (they/them) joined Footsteps in September 2022. Shanie works with Footsteps members to support them through their educational next steps, such as providing educational and Footsteps scholarship counseling, co-facilitating the student cohort, and connecting members to our outside educational referrals. Grounded in aspirations towards thinking about and creating communities where more of us feel free, Shanie comes to Footsteps with experience in community building, organizing and resource distribution. Previously, Shanie served as the Direct Action and Community Organizing Program Assistant at the Pitzer Community Engagement Center, helped found the Pitzer Community Fridge Collective, and co-led the independent student-led Jewish group on campus, Nishmat. Shanie holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and politics from Pitzer College.