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Meet The Team

Naomi Moskowitz

Director of Economic Empowerment

Naomi (she/her) joined Footsteps staff in 2020 and has been a Footsteps member since 2013. As Director of Economic Empowerment, Naomi strengthens and expands relationships with agencies and stakeholders so members can pursue educational opportunities, find employment, and develop their careers. She is committed to providing her children with opportunities that she wasn’t afforded, having been raised in the ultra-Orthodox community. With 15 years of experience in managing community relationships for nonprofit organizations, Naomi is also devoted to social advocacy and standing up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves. She has spent the past ten years speaking publicly about issues relating to the LGBTQ community and the formerly ultra-Orthodox community. Naomi holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and is set to complete a master’s degree in public administration from City College in December 2023. Naomi resides on Long Island with her partner and their four children.