IGNITE! Community Impact Microgrant Program









Applications are now closed. Please check back for our next round of microgrants.

For a glimpse into the community impact, take a look at our

inaugural class of recipients.

What is IGNITE!?

Over the years, Footsteps members’ have expressed leadership, ingenuity, and creativity in a variety of forms. In an effort to support and strengthen these activities, Footsteps is proud to launch IGNITE! Footsteps’ Community Impact Microgrant Program. Grants of up to $5,000 will be available to Footsteps members who seek to promote the growth of the formerly ultra-Orthodox community; enhance the culture Footsteps members are creating; and spur social change based on their experiences related to ultra-Orthodoxy and the process of leaving.

IGNITE! Goals:

GROW the network of formerly ultra-Orthodox individuals
AMPLIFY the voice and culture of the community of formerly ultra-Orthodox individuals
ACT to create change and right injustices formerly ultra-Orthodox individuals have experienced
INSPIRE peers to take on initiatives of their own
EDUCATE the broader community of issues of concern to formerly ultra-Orthodox individuals

Footsteps members are invited to submit applications that reflect Footsteps Core Values for a project or organization that fits into at least one of three categories:

CULTURE: Your project contributes to the culture of the formerly ultra-Orthodox, including writing and artistic expression
COMMUNITY: Your project fosters social connection and builds networks of former ultra-Orthodox individuals with each other and/or the broader community, in New York and beyond
SOCIAL IMPACT: Based on your personal experiences in and leaving ultra-Orthodoxy, you have taken on an social change initiative to right an injustice within or beyond the ultra-Orthodox community


With gratitude to our seed funders

The Germanacos Foundation

The Natan Fund