Go For It ! Microgrant Program

Program Description

How would you broaden your horizons, if you had the chance? Would you self-publish a book of poetry? Learn to draw? Take a class on opera? Get together with a group of music lovers to see a performance? Learn Spanish?

Well, if you bring the dream, we will supply the cash.

Thanks to the help of a dedicated Footsteps supporter, Footsteps is proud to introduce Go For It!, our new microgrant program. Go for It! offers small grants to Footsteps members (and groups of members) seeking to do something to enrich your personal growth.

Microgrants of $200 – $500 will be given to Footsteps members to help you explore something new. The grant is is NOT intended towards housing, school, or vocational training. If you are interested in funding for education and careers, contact Aaron at Aaron@footstepsorg.org. For all other questions, please reach out to Sam at Sam@footstepsorg.org.

Criteria & Guidelines

  1. Grants are intended to offer an opportunity for you to have an important life-broadening experience. Those who have already invested time or other commitment to their projects will be prioritized as well as those who have not received other forms of funding from Footsteps’ other microgrant, fellowships, scholarship programs, or previous years of Go For It!
  2. The grant can be used to purchase supplies, pay for the cost of an experience, cover the cost of an event, or to cover indirect costs (like to pay a babysitter).
  3. The grant cannot be used to cover academic costs nor is it meant to pay for an individual’s work time. For example, the grant can cover the paint brushes, paint, and canvas but it won’t pay for the time you spend in your apartment painting.
  4. This grant is for Footsteps members or groups of members. Reach out to Julia at Julia@footstepsorg.org, Footsteps’ New Member Services Coordinator, if you want to apply for a microgrant but are not yet a member.

The deadline is Friday, April 7th

Decisions will be made by May 5th

Click here to apply!